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Enaretos Partners, LLC is a dedicated group of people bringing over eighty years of real world experiences and expertise together to create and develop projects to overcome business, regional, national and international challenges. We seek to cause economic growth while building stronger companies. We want to strengthen our county's economy and people. We believe in the use of the right technologies and the employment and empowerment of dedicated people can accomplish great things.

Meet our Partners

Tim Wright Tim Wright – Partner
Mr. Wright brings to Enaretos Partners more than thirty years of experience in broad range of environments stretching from entrepreneurial start-ups, small and medium technology and manufacturing companies to Fortune 25 world-wide corporations. His background includes Executive Management, Research and Business Development, Alternative Energy Development, Management, Sales, Marketing and Project Management. He managed the worldwide sales, marketing and supply chain systems for a multi-billion dollar Fortune 25 technology company. He has developed multiple regional, national and international businesses and development programs. Tim has degrees in Agricultural Science, Food Science and Nutrition and Management from the University of Missouri.
Jeff Solscheid Jeff Solscheid – Partner
Mr. Solscheid brings to Enaretos Partners over thirty years of experience in the Fortune 500 world of finance and business. His experience and skills as a Master Financier and Strategic Planner has given Enaretos Partners and our clients the critical edge needed to be successful in diverse endeavors. Mr. Solscheid has comprehensive experience analyzing and streamlining accounting systems that have proven his ability to develop and execute creative solutions that insure deliverance of financial goals. His leadership in budgeting and strategic planning provides both long and short term solutions to the many challenges of business today. Jeff excelled as Senior Business Planner for one of America's foremost companies. He was awarded the “Business Planner of the Year” for his ability to skillfully manage all finance and accounting related operations for multiple locations in Northwestern states with multi-million dollar revenues. Jeff has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Central Washington University.
Michael Rodriguez Michael Rodriguez – Partner
Mr. Rodriquez is a successful general contractor, developer and entrepreneur. His over 20 years experience and skill in project development and construction gives Enaretos Partners a critical skill set our clients need to be successful in their many endeavors. His skill set includes acquisition, entitlements, infrastructure installation, maintenance management, and complete turnkey build outs. Mr. Rodriquez currently also serves as President of Christian Brothers Construction, a commercial real-estate and development services company. Mr. Rodriquez is also the inspiration and co-inventor of Vois software a voice control system for computer and industrial systems.
Jim Wessels Jim Wessels – Partner
Mr. Wessels brings to Enaretos Partners over twenty- years of experience in the world of corporate security, executive protection, law enforcement and criminal justice. His experience as a Certified Homeland Security and Forensics Examiner has given Enaretos Partners and our clients important insight into Corporate Security and Risk Management in today’s ever changing world. Jim has provided organizations and business with risk assessments and assisted in the development and implementation of appropriate programs and structure to protect the organizations, assets, employees and visitors. Jim has developed and installed security systems and POS systems to reduce losses in retail organizations. Jim has extensive experience in contract negotiations, development and implementation of security programs, investigations and development of Policies and Procedures. Jim has a degree in criminal justice and is a Homeland Security and Forensics Examiner Member, Certification and Protection Specialist and has State Police and Security Certifications.

It is our firm belief that through a total empowerment we truly have our human efforts achieve their full potential and achieve the arête the ancient Greeks so highly prized more...

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